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Motorcyclists face serious risks from left turns 

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Auto Accidents

It’s very dangerous to turn left. This is true for any driver in any situation. Left turns are inherently more dangerous than most other driving maneuvers because they require one car to cross the oncoming traffic lanes.

But one group that faces an elevated level of risk is motorcyclists. There are two reasons why left turns are more problematic for them and why they are one of the most common motorcycle accidents to take place.

Drivers don’t see motorcycles

The big problem is that a lot of drivers will turn left in front of motorcycles that they didn’t see. Some drivers don’t even really look for motorcycles, concentrating on larger vehicles. Others may not see a motorcycle because the dark color blends into the pavement. Still others may see the bike but assume that it is farther away because of its small size. They might misjudge the speed of the bike and turn when there is not enough space to do so.

Riders have no protection

The second part of the problem is that a motorcycle rider has very little protection. A left-turn accident means the bike is going to impact the side of the car that is turning. The rider can’t swerve to avoid that crash, as they would be swerving into oncoming traffic. Helmets and other equipment can help, but riders face a severe risk of serious injuries.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? 

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