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At Law Offices of Vondra & Hanna, we believe that every law firm should pursue justice whenever and wherever they can find it. When our clients turn to us with their injuries, we fight to ensure that they have fair treatment and a strong voice.

Photo of Attorney Phillip T. Vondra, Esq.
Photo of Attorney Phillip T. Vondra, Esq.

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Whether someone is treated fairly should never be in question. At Law Offices of Vondra & Hanna, we strive to hold insurance companies and negligent parties responsible for injuries they cause. Most importantly, we always do what’s right for our clients, at every step of the process. In the courtroom or at the negotiating table, you can feel confident that you have a strong advocate.

When You Have Experience Like Ours,
You Do Not Need To Play Games

It is an unfortunate truth that insurance companies rarely have your best interests in mind. More often, they are laser-focused on their bottom line. Having an attorney is crucial for the injured, especially in complicated cases like truck accidents or those involving permanent injuries. We know our community. We know our courts. We know the law.

Our attorneys have spent their careers working with the injured and their families across the surrounding area. They have seen how accidents change lives and what happens when they lead to serious injuries and death. They use their legal knowledge and experience to demand full and fair compensation packages for our clients, and they do not allow insurance companies to take advantage of them.

Let Us Be Your Voice

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Treating You Like
Our Neighbor – Because You Are

Many firms lose focus on the reality: Every person who comes through their doors is a member of their community. We believe in client-centered care that puts our neighbors’ long-term needs and best interests at the center of every decision. From the moment you walk through our doors, we strive to make you feel welcomed and cared for.