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Why long-distance drivers cause accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Many people move across town for business or family reasons. However, if safety tips are not employed, long commutes can pose danger to other road users. This is because long-distance drivers experience several factors that may contribute to an accident.

This guide discusses four of them:


Driving for hours, without taking rests, can be exhausting. A tired driver can be as dangerous as a drunk one, as they can fall asleep and have impaired judgment. Exhaustion can also cause one to engage in aggressive behaviors since they want to get to their destination sooner to relax. Such a driver may refuse to give the right of way, run a red light/stop sign or speed, increasing their chances of causing an accident.

Loss of focus

Short-distance driving rarely affects concentration because before a driver loses focus, they have arrived at their destination. However, this may not be the case with long-distance driving. After a few hours of driving, someone may take their mind off driving. A driver may be so lost in their thoughts that they can fail to notice another road user, or they may see them when it’s too late.

Driving at night

With long commutes, a driver may still be on the road at night. While the state and car manufacturers try their best to make driving at night safe, compromised night vision and poor lights can lead to an accident.  

Unfamiliarity with the road

Long-distance drivers pass through new areas with roads they are not familiar with. If a route has challenging conditions, a driver may cause an accident.

Long-distance driving can be safe with the right measures. If you are injured by such a driver, you should learn more about your case to receive the compensation you deserve.