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How pets lead to car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Many people like going for long car drives, taking in the passing scenery and enjoying their time with their furry friends. While there’s likely no that prevents dogs from being in a car, that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Having a dog, cat or bird can lead to serious injuries. 

Car accidents caused by pets often happen because the animal wasn’t restrained. This may lead a driver to become distracted by their pet. This could even lead a pet to turn the wheel or press the pedals. 

How do pet owners protect their pets and themselves from car accidents? Here are three options:

1. Strapping in a pet

It may be an owner’s first instinct to strap their pet in the car with a seatbelt just like anyone else would do. However, seat belts are built for people, not pets and, as such, pets can easily remove themselves from their restraints. 

Instead, pet owners may need to consider getting a harness that straps to a seat belt. This way their pet can’t get loose and distract them.

2. Using a cage

Some pets are too anxious or excited to sit still, strapped into a seatbelt. If this is the case, then owners may need to consider getting a cage that fits their pets. Some cages are big enough to sit in a seat, while others may need to be strapped in so it doesn’t shake around.

3. Putting up a barrier

Many dogs are just too big for cages and still too wild to stay strapped in a seat. For owners with big dogs, they may need to consider getting a net barrier that’s placed between the front and back seats.

Even if pet owners take every precaution to prevent their pets from distracting them while driving, it sometimes isn’t enough. You may have been in a car accident with a driver because their pet distracted them. You may need to know your legal rights when seeking compensation.