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When is a business at fault for someone’s slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

Maybe you just ran into the pet store for a bag of cat litter, or perhaps you met with a friend to walk around the local mall for exercise. Unfortunately, there was a wet spot on the floor or an unsecured electrical cord in your path, and you ended up slipping or tripping – and then falling. 

A slip-and-fall situation could lead to major injuries, including a brain injury or broken bones. People who fall while at a store may expect to file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit for compensation. When is the business where a slip and fall occurs responsible for the incident? 

When negligence led to the slip and fall

To bring a premises liability claim in civil court, an injured party will typically need to show that either there was some kind of regulatory non-compliance or that the business was negligent. 

Claims of negligence are more common than claims of misconduct, in part because many businesses engage in very unsafe practices. If you can show the business didn’t take reasonable steps to keep you safe, you could hold them accountable for your injuries. 

Understaffing a facility so that there aren’t enough staff members on hand to both tend to customers and keep facilities clean is a common and negligent business practice. Deferring repairs to roofs or damaged flooring is another negligent choice, as most people would recognize the risk that comes from making those decisions. 

If the circumstances that led to your injury related to negligence on the part of the business, then you may have grounds to initiate a claim against them. Knowing your rights after a slip-and-fall incident can help you defray the costs you may have incurred.