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5 common causes of semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Truck and Semi-Truck Accidents

Semitruck crashes can be catastrophic. They often result in significant property damage, serious injuries or fatalities. Various factors contribute to these accidents, many of which stem from the actions of truckers and the condition of their vehicles.

Understanding the more common causes can help to prevent these crashes. It can also be valuable for those injured in these crashes since understanding the cause of a victim’s harm is an important part of a personal injury claim.

Hours-of-Service violations

Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations are designed to prevent fatigue among truck drivers by limiting the number of hours they can operate a vehicle without taking breaks. Drivers under pressure to meet tight delivery schedules may work beyond these limits, which leads to decreased reaction times, impaired judgment and an increased risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

Aggressive driving by truckers

Due to their size and weight, semitrucks can be particularly dangerous when truckers engage in aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating and frequent or unsafe lane changes. These actions can intimidate other road users, reduce the trucker’s ability to respond to traffic conditions and increase the likelihood of crashes.

Distracted truckers

Distracted driving is a significant issue across all vehicle types, but it poses an even greater risk when semitrucks are involved due to the potential for severe damage in a wreck. Using a smartphone, operating navigation systems or eating while driving can divert a trucker’s attention from the road.

Incorrectly secured cargo

Improperly secured or overloaded cargo can cause semitrucks to become unbalanced or to lose items while in transit, which creates hazards for other vehicles and increases the risk of rollovers.

Defective rig components or servicing

Regular maintenance and inspection of semitrucks are essential for identifying and addressing potential mechanical issues before they lead to accidents. Defective components like brakes, tires or steering systems can significantly compromise a vehicle’s safety. Similarly, poor servicing can fail to catch these issues, putting the trucker and other road users at risk.

Pinpointing the cause of a semitruck crash is critical in a personal injury claim. This enables the victim to determine who to hold accountable in a lawsuit. Working with a legal representative is beneficial, as doing so statistically enhances the likelihood of presenting an effective claim.