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How to avoid the fatal risks of long commutes

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Auto Accidents

No one wants to sit in traffic for a prolonged period. However, even though commuting has a dreadful reputation, the average American still spends at least an hour daily for long travels worth 16 miles each way. This transport reality is especially true for congested urban areas and heavily populated states, such as California.

Unfortunately, long-distance driving can impair drivers’ concentration, reaction time and coordination, resulting in deadly collisions. Knowing how to avoid risks is crucial in keeping the roads safe. 

Commuting with heightened vigilance

While there is no one-size-fits-all manual to make lengthy travels more bearable and, in effect, safer, the following are recommendations to help commuters steer clear of potential injuries and fatalities:

  • Create varieties: Choose a different route occasionally or go for scenic alternatives.
  • Take necessary breaks: If signs of drowsiness or fatigue manifest, pull over to the nearest rest stop to recharge and regain focus.
  • Consider entertaining options: See it as a personal time to enjoy one’s company by listening to good music or interesting podcasts. However, proceed carefully because these activities can quickly turn into distractions. Still, every person has distinct habits to boost their attentiveness on the road.

Ultimately, commuting is a shared experience. It is most likely the first thing colleagues talk about when they meet in the office. They might discuss how bad the traffic jams are or what they encounter along the way. When people remember that they do not endure this alone, it can also push them to drive cautiously, knowing their actions can significantly impact other road users.

Advocating for a safer future on the road

Staying alert amid lengthy commutes can save lives. Sadly, not everyone makes it to their destination unharmed or alive. For motor vehicle accident survivors, consulting a legal advocate can help them recover damages and make a difference the next time they hit the road.