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What, how and why to photograph after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Truck and Semi-Truck Accidents

Photos can tell a story. In your case, they can be vivid images to help establish your compensation claim after a tragic truck collision.

However, photographing the crash scene may not be top of your mind. After all, you must prioritize seeking medical attention for enduring a sudden and severe impact.

Yet, depending on your condition, it is equally important to preserve as much evidence as possible for the complex legal fight against multiple individuals or companies. Knowing the significance of photos can advance the process of recovering damages from all liable parties.

Taking photographic proof

California is the second riskiest state for fatal truck accidents, recording almost 370 deaths in 2020. Thus, it is unsurprising that a truck’s massive size and weight, alongside other environmental factors, make for a chaotic situation. So, it may be extremely challenging to capture quality photos.

A recommended thing to do is to adjust your camera settings for clear or sharp results. Consider all possible perspectives as well. For example, wide shots can include significant details, such as weather or road hazards. Conversely, extremely close angles can show compelling nuances that can tap into emotions favorable to your circumstances.

Your photos can include:

  • Your vehicle’s damages and other surrounding debris
  • Positions of all involved vehicles, drivers and passengers
  • Your injuries, such as abrasions, lacerations or broken bones
  • Skid marks and reference points, such as traffic signals, crosswalks or intersections

No matter how compelling your photos are, they may still not be enough to substantiate your claim. Therefore, overreliance on them is a common mistake. Instead, you must also secure videos, dashcam footage and witness statements to present the events more accurately.

Preserving your truth

Photos are tangible documentation that can validate your claim amid other potential narratives from involved parties. Also, insurance companies tend to be ruthless despite what your photos reveal. It will be wise to have a legal representative in your corner who cares for your truth and is ready to pursue justice for your injuries and losses.