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Don’t ignore this serious safety risk while driving in the desert

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Auto Accidents

There are many risks related to driving in the desert. On hot days, vehicles, especially those in poor condition, might overheat. Motorists also need to protect themselves from running out of fuel while they are far from a service station or any other kind of amenities.

Such concerns often take top priority, with people checking their fuel and fluid levels carefully before heading to the desert or leaving a gas station. However, there is another safety risk that looms large out on the desert roads and which could have catastrophic implications for the people in a vehicle. Especially when temperatures rise in the summer, motorists need to understand what might cause a tire blowout.

Speed and low pressure are a dangerous combination

The design of the tires on vehicles helps them to grip the road while maintaining structural integrity even at high speeds. Most vehicle and tire manufacturers provide clear instructions on the pressure level required for proper performance. However, motorists tend to ignore the warning signs of their air pressure dropping in their tires.

Low pressure in tires can be very dangerous, as it may increase the heat generated while driving and therefore put the motorist at elevated risk of a tire blowout. The best-case scenario in a tire blowout is that the driver slows down and replaces their tire shortly afterward. Often, they might have to wait for hours in the scorching heat for someone in a tow truck to provide assistance, especially if they have had their tires replaced or rotated at a facility that uses special tools to tighten the lug nuts on the tires. The worst-case scenario involves somebody losing control of their vehicle because of a blowout at high speeds. They might collide with another vehicle or experience a rollover that leaves them injured and incapable of contacting help.

Safety should be the top priority in a dangerous environment

Motorists don’t necessarily have control over where they need to travel, but they can at least be proactive about making their safe arrival a top priority. Those who understand what causes blowouts will be in a better position to ensure that their tires are safe to drive on during the hottest months in the desert.

Identifying and addressing known risk factors can help someone avoid a collision – or at least avoid a designation of personal fault for a crash – because of preventable issues, like a tire blowout.