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Do SUVs really give you a better view of the road?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Auto Accidents

SUVs are the success story of the last decade for car manufacturers. Somehow, they have managed to take a vehicle designed for those driving around ranches or through the mountains and persuade scores of city dwellers that they too need one.

One of the ways they did this was to talk about how the higher driving position gives you a better view of the road. 

The manufacturers are not telling you the whole truth

Yes, you can see more when you are sitting higher off the ground. Yes, that sturdy build may protect you and your passengers more than a smaller car if you roll your vehicle. However, you need to offset that with the fact that your chances of crashing are increased by the thicker pillars needed to make the roof so sturdy. 

SUVs were designed for off-road use, where the chance of a rollover was high. People driving around cities don’t roll their cars that often as they are driving on flat tarmac, not off-camber gravel. So they have less need for a bombproof roof. While added safety is always nice, the thicker pillars make seeing out of the windows much more difficult because they increase the blind spots. That can be bad news for anyone inside the vehicle and for others around them.

If an SUV hits you, its weight and size mean you will likely need significant compensation for your injuries. Finding out more about your legal options can help you get it.