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2 steps you need to take following a dog attack

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

Dogs are generally friendly and loyal companions. However, these friendly canines can quickly become aggressive if they feel frightened or threatened. And if they attack, the outcome can be life-altering.

Besides the physical injuries, a dog attack can also leave you with emotional trauma. If you or someone you love is a victim of a preventable dog attack, you may be eligible for financial restitution through a premises liability lawsuit. However, there are certain steps you need to take to increase your odds of getting the compensation you deserve. Here are some of them:

Seek treatment

If a dog attack results in a physical wound of causes excessive bleeding, you need to see a doctor immediately. A dog bite can lead to soft tissue injury, broken bones, disfigurement and nerve damage among other injuries. Additionally, the attack can also put you at risk of contracting infections like rabies, sepsis and tetanus among other bacterial infections.

Seeking treatment immediately following the attack will ensure that you receive the care you need to dress your wounds and stop the bleeding. It will also ensure that you receive an anti-rabies vaccine as well as treatment for other dog bite-related infections. Most importantly, it will ensure that you obtain a medical report that directly links your injuries to a dog bite. And this is important for litigating your personal injury case and justifying your financial claims.

File your claim

The financial costs associated with a dog attack (medical costs, missed work as well as emotional trauma) can run into thousands of dollars. To receive the compensation you deserve, you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner. However, you must do this with the statute of limitations period. In California, you have two years from the date of the attack to sue the dog owner for damages.

A dog attack can leave you physically and emotionally shaken. Find out how you can pursue damages if you are a victim of a preventable dog attack.